Media Coverage

Numerous local, regional and national media outlets have covered the work of Clean Power Lake County and interviewed our volunteer leaders.


August 25, 2022, Courthouse News Service: Groups seek ‘overdue’ review of coal ash monitoring exemption

August 25, 2022, Energy News Network: Lawsuit: Unregulated coal ash poses a buried, brewing threat to Lake Michigan and beyond

June 20, 2022, Daily Herald: Study identifies Waukegan coal plant as potential flooding, contamination risk

June 9, 2022, WGN Chicago: Closing of Waukegan coal plant causes controversy among residents

June 6, 2022, WBEZ Chicago: Waukegan says goodbye to a coal plant but must now contend with its industrial waste

June 6, 2022, Northern Public Radio: Activists say Waukegan coal plant will still threaten community after closure

April 12, 2022, Yale Climate Connections: ‘Can our politics rise to the climate challenge?’

March 31, 2022, Energy News Network: Illinois environmental justice bill would help residents prevent pollution

March 14, 2022, Daily Herald: Lawmakers address concerns of Lake Michigan contamination from Waukegan Power Plant

January 4, 2022, Chicago Tribune: Top environment stories of 2021: A paltry number of lead pipe replacements, pollution next door and trillions of invasive mussels blanketing Lake Michigan


December 20, 2021, Chicago Tribune: Waukegan Mayor Taylor, state Rep. Mayfield not satisfied with NRG’s plans for closing coal ash ponds

December 19, 2021, Chicago Tribune: Waukegan coal plant owner holds meeting to discuss plans for closing coal ash ponds

December 5, 2021, Chicago Tribune: Waukegan’s legacy of industrial pollution: Residents organizing to fight in home of 5 Superfund sites (front page of Sunday edition)

December 3, 2021, Chicago Tribune: Waukegan residents fighting decades of industrial pollution: ‘Just because something isn’t perfect doesn’t mean you abandon it.’

October 28, 2021, People’s World: Manchin kills Biden’s clean energy plan, leaving states and cities to lead

September 29, 2021, NPR-St. Louis Public Radio: Illinois power plants may face new rules for managing toxic coal ash

September 29, 2021, WTTW – Chicago Tonight Black Voices: Illinois’ energy bill a power surge for equity efforts (with video) 

September 18, 2021, Chicago Crusader: Pace Suburban Bus announces commitment to zero emission vehicles by 2040

September 16, 2021, Public News Service: Landmark climate, jobs law hailed in Illinois

September 10, 2021, The State Journal-Register: Clean-energy bill passed by Illinois House; Senate scheduled to vote on plan Monday

August 27, 2021, Chicago Tribune: Environmental racism, unregulated chemicals, staffing shortages among the many challenges facing whomever Biden picks to lead the EPA in the Midwest

July 31, 2021, WTTW – Chicago Tonight Latino Voices: How communities are taking action against climate change and steps toward environmental justice (with video)

June 21, 2021, Energy News Network: Illinois coal plants are closing even as fossil fuel objections stall energy bill again

June 18, 2021, Chicago Tribune: Shutdown of coal-fired sites comes amid debate over Pritzker’s clean-energy plan

June 17, 2021, Chicago News-Sun: Waukegan, Romeoville coal-fired power plants to shut down in 2022

June 14, 2021, Chicago Tribune: Toxic waste left behind by coal-fired power plants could endanger public health for years to come

May 17, 2021, Chicago Tribune: Medline and Sterigenics haven’t reported cancer-causing ethylene oxide emissions to the EPA’s pollution inventory for years


November 12, 2020, One Illinois: Clean Energy Lobby Day goes virtual

November 12, 2020, Solar Power World: More than 1,000 Illinoisans advocate for Clean Energy Jobs Act in virtual lobby day

October 1, 2020, Daily Herald: Clean power in Lake County: Environmental justice leaders discuss how to secure a just and sustainable future for all at Brushwood Center’s Smith Nature Symposium

September 14, 2020, Energy News Network: Energy News Network’s 2020 40 Under 40 Honorees

August 31, 2020, New York Times: EPA relaxes rules limiting toxic waste from coal plants

August 6, 2020, After ComEd bribery case, Illinois groups push for changes to clean energy

August 5, 2020, WTTW – Chicago Tonight: Clean energy advocates hope to capitalize on ComEd backlash

August 5, 2020, One Illinois: CEJA: Stronger than dirty energy

June 17, 2020, Lake County News-Sun: Ethylene oxide testing around two Lake County plants concluded

May 4, 2020, WTTW – Chicago Tonight: Keeping Waukegan residents safe from coronavirus, environmental concerns

April 28, 2020, The Hill: More than 150 groups write in opposition to EPA coronavirus compliance policy

April 21, 2020, WTTW News: Earth Day is turning 50. Here’s how to participate via virtual events

April 3, 2020, Chicago Tribune: Trump EPA still hasn’t told thousands of Americans about cancer risks from ethylene oxide

March 5, 2020, Solar Power World: Illinois activists rally for 100% renewables by 2050

February 3, 2020, Chicago Tribune: A lifelong dream. Lake County residents jump at chance to attend State of the Union

January 27, 2020, One Illinois: 23,000 Illinoisans call for Clean Energy Jobs Act

January 21, 2020, Chicago Tribune: Advocates of Illinois energy overhaul say new federal rules could raise bills for ComEd Customers


December 5, 2019, The American Prospect: Advocates of Illinois energy overhaul say new federal rules could raise bills for ComEd Customers

November 26, 2019, ABC-7 Eyewitness News Chicago: Higher levels of cancer-causing ethylene oxide detected near 2 plants in Lake County, Illinois

August 15, 2019, Univision Chicago/Channel 66: “They’re killing us:” Tests reveal that there are alarming levels of a toxic gas in Waukegan’s air that can cause cancer

August 12, 2019, Lake County News-Sun: Duckworth: Ethylene oxide-emitting facilities in Waukegan, Gurnee ‘definitely’ didn’t get same response as Sterigenics in Willowbrook

July 31, 2019, Lake County News-Sun: Pritzker signs new environmental law aimed at coal ash ponds like those outside Waukegan Generating Station

June 21, 2019, Chicago Tribune: Illinois pollution board rules Waukegan lakefront coal plant polluted groundwater with coal ash

May 25, 2019, Daily Herald: Manufacturer Gives Update on Facility’s Emission Reduction Plan

May 24, 2019, Lake County News-Sun: Community Skeptical of State EPA’s Proposed Ethylene Oxide Controls at Medline Facility in Waukegan

May 7, 2019, The Intercept: Air Pollution Crisis Exposes More Environmental Racism in Illinois

April 12, 2019, Adelante (WGN TV): Clean Power Lake County (video) 

February 28, 2019, Energy News Network: Aggressive Clean Energy Bill Would Push Illinois to 100% Renewables by 2050


December 12, 2018, Sierra Club: Cap and Run: Waukegan (video with Dulce Ortiz)

November 25, 2018, Lake County News-Sun: Soot to Solar Report (near end of “Washington Street Repairs in Final Stretch” story)

November 13, 2018, WBEZ Chicago: Illinois to Drop Electricity Carbon Emissions 22% by 2030

November 4, 2018, Lake County News-Sun: Dangerous Emissions (front page of Sunday edition)

November 4, 2018, Chicago Tribune: Lake County Emissions Tied to Cancer (front page of Sunday edition)

November 2, 2018, ABC-7 Eyewitness News: 2 Lake County Medical Manufacturing Plants’ Toxic Emissions Cause Concern

November 2, 2018, Chicago Tribune: 2 Lake County Polluters Emit Same Cancer-Causing Gas as Sterigenics, but Authorities Haven’t Warned the Public

November 2, 2018, Union of Concerned Scientists blog: Unmasking the Waukegan Coal Plant Reliability Myth

October 26, 2018, Energy News Network: Science Group to Illinois: Close More Coal Plants, and Do It Quickly

October 24, 2018, Union of Concerned Scientists blog: New Report Has Bad News for Illinois Coal Plants: It’s Time to Go

October 2, 2018, WBBM News Radio: Environmental Activists Fight Back Against Trump Administration’s Affordable Clean Energy Plan

October 1, 2018, One Illinois: Trump Energy Rules Draw Flak at Chicago Hearing

July 6, 2018, Lake County News-Sun: Lake County Environmentalists Still on Guard After Pruitt Leaves EPA: ‘We Have to Move Forward With the Fight’

May 7, 2018, Lake County News-Sun: Lake County Leaders Back Madigan’s Lawsuit Threat Over EPA Rules


December 19, 2017, Lake County News-Sun: Guest Column: Our Commitment Is That Clean Power Will Thrive in Lake County 

December 13, 2017, Puro Futbol: Se une para ayudar a Puerto Rico 

December 8, 2017, Lake County News-Sun: Post-Hurricane Aid for Puerto Rico Presses on With Waukegan Fundraiser

November 27, 2017, Midwest Energy News: Battle Over Coal Ash Continues in Illinois, With Hearings Underway

November 9, 2017, Lake County News-Sun: Former Presidential Adviser: ‘No Argument’ Among Scientists That Humans Causing Climate Change

October 21, 2017, Lake County News-Sun: Illinois Pollution Board to Rule on Complaint Alleging Coal Ash Contaminated Groundwater            

September 20, 2017, Lake County News-Sun: ‘Getting people out of the shadows’: Dreamers rally for support in Waukegan

August 28, 2017, Daily Herald: Lake County Leaders Pledge to Tackle Climate Change

August 25, 2017, Lake County News-Sun: Lake County Chairman Sets Goals to Address Climate Change, Urges Retiring Waukegan Coal Plant

August 22, 2017, Daily Herald: Waukegan Beach Rally Focuses on Need for Countywide Transition to Clean Energy

August, 20, 2017, Lake County News-Sun: Waukegan Beach Rally Focuses on Need for Countywide Transition to Clean Energy  

August 2, 2017, HuffPost: Scott Pruitt Must Not Delay Critical Water Toxics Standards For Coal Plants

August 1, 2017, Midwest Energy News: Illinois Advocates Urge EPA Not to Roll Back Coal Ash Regulation

July 31, 2017, Think Progress: Clean Water Advocates Tell Trump Administration to ‘Stop Pandering to Polluters’

July 25, 2017, Daily Herald: Clean Power Lake County Applauds Waukegan City Council’s Adoption of Paris Climate Agreement Goals

July 3, 2017, Lake County News-Sun: Protests Held Along Lake Michigan Shoreline to Support Great Lakes Funding

June 22, 2017, Lake County News-Sun: Waukegan Mayor Says He Plans to Sign On to Paris Agreement 

June 20, 2017, Daily Herald: Future Energy Jobs Act Creates Opportunities for Clean Energy Development and Lake County Jobs

June 20, 2017, Lake County News-Sun: Energy Options Discussed at Town Hall 

June 15, 2017, Daily Herald: Waukegan Town Hall Focuses on Economic Importance of Future Energy Jobs Act for Lake County Residents

June 14, 2017, Pacific Standard: Inside the Struggle for Clean Energy in Waukegan, Illinois

June 9, 2017, NPR/Latino USA: The Waukegan Way: Hardscrabble Politics and Clean Energy in Illinois

May 21, 2017, Lake County News-Sun: Despite Trump, Waukegan Residents Push Schneider From the Left at Town Hall

May 18, 2017, NPR Illinois: Illinois Issues: State Marches Toward Clean Energy

May 16, 2017, Lake County News-Sun: Clean Power Advocates Challenge Cunningham at New Mayor’s First Full Meeting

May 3, 2017, Daily Herald: Clean Power Lake County Members March for Climate Action on Trump’s 100th Day in Office

May 2, 2017, Deerfield Review/Lake County News-Sun: Clean Power Lake County Members March for Climate Action on Trump’s 100th Day in Office 

April 21, 2017, Lake County News-Sun: Lake County Green Conference touts hope, solar energy projects

March 2, 2017, Daily Herald: Environmental Film Festival Opens Saturday in Lake County 

February 28, 2017, Daily Herald: March 4-11: One Earth Film Festival Comes to Lake County

February 27, 2017, Daily Herald: One Earth Film Festival Showcases Community-based Conservation Stories in 5 Films

February 24, 2017, Deerfield Review/Lake County News-Sun: One Earth Film Festival Showcases Community-Based Conservation Stories in 5 Films


December 15, 2016, The Years Blog: Winning on Clean Energy, and What Comes Next in Waukegan 

December 14, 2016, Latin Times: Years of Living Dangerously: America Ferrera Shares Important Facts on Global Warming in New Episode 

December 14, 2016, Refinery29: America Ferrera on One Reason Living Under Trump Is “Terrifying”

December 14, 2016, America Ferrera Shares Heartbreaking Climate Change Story in ‘Years Of Living Dangerously’ Episode

December 14, 2016, WGN Radio: Clean Power Lake County Campaign in Waukegan 

December 13, 2016, Daily Kos: Wednesday Night TV: Beyond Coal in the National Spotlight

December 13, 2016, Green Biz: The Human Stories Behind the ‘Coal Wars’

December 12, 2016, Daily North Shore: League Says: Watch ‘Years of Living …

December 12, 2016: SJNN (Social Justice News Nexus): Waukegan Environmentalists Celebrate Passage of Illinois Clean Energy Bill

December 6, 2016, Chicago Tribune/News-Sun: Emmy Award-Winning National Geographic Series Focuses National Attention on Waukegan

December 2, 2016, Chicago Tribune/News-Sun: When America Ferrera Met Waukegan

December 1, 2016, Years of Living Dangerously: America Ferrera and Coal Wars (video trailer)

December 1, 2016, Sierra Club: Sierra Club Statement on Illinois Energy Bill SB 2814

August 29, 2016, Daily Herald: Lake County Residents Impacted by NRG Coal Plant Affirm Positive Vision for a Cleaner Waukegan

August 27, 2016, Chicago Tribune/News-Sun: Residents Impacted by NRG Coal Plant Affirm Positive Vision for a Cleaner Waukegan

August 9, 2016, CAN-TV: Clean Energy Incentive Program Rally (video)

August 3, 2016, Chicago Tribune/News-Sun: Waukegan Residents Join Hundreds in Chicago for Clean Energy Rally and EPA Hearing

June 20, 2016, Daily Herald: June Workshops Give Lake County Residents a Chance to Help Develop ON TO 2050 Regional Planning Goals

June 19, 2016, Chicago Tribune: June Workshops Give Lake County Residents a Chance to Help Develop ON TO 2050 Regional Planning Goals

June 15, 2016, Chicago Reader:  Illinois Coal’s Last Stand

May 27, 2016, Chicago Tribune: Community Members Push for Stronger Regulations on Coal-Ash Ponds

May 2, 2016, WBEZ Chicago: The Future of Coal in Illinois and Beyond

May 1, 2016, Lake County News-Sun: Waukegan Residents Join Hundreds in Springfield for Earth Day Rally

April 1, 2016, Lake County News-Sun: Debate Over Future of Waukegan’s Lakefront Coal Plant Continues

March 23, 2016, Chicago Tonight (WTTW-11): Activists Call for Closure of Waukegan Coal-Fired Power Plant

March 14, 2016, The Atlantic/CityLab: Why the U.S. Civil Rights Commission Is Investigating the EPA

March 11, 2016, Utility Dive: Civil Rights Hearing Focuses on Illinois Coal Plant

March 10, 2016, Midwest Energy News: Civil Rights Investigation Probes Environmental Justice in Illinois

March 9, 2016, Lake County News-Sun: Waukegan Not Only Draws Celebrities, It Produces Them

February 5, 2016, Center for Public Integrity: Residents of Minority Communities Decry Dumping of Toxic Coal Ash

January 21, 2016, Lake County News-Sun: Poll: Waukegan Residents Want Transition From Coal to Clean Energy

January 14, 2016, Progress Illinois: EPA Climate Regs to be ‘Big Fight’ in State Legislatures This Year 


December 17, 2015, Lake County News-Sun: Despite Protests, Waukegan Power Plant to Burn Coal Indefinitely

December 12, 2015, Lake County News-Sun: Waukegan Residents Deliver 2,082 Petitions to City Council Demanding Forward-Looking Plan for NRG Coal Plant Site

November 16, 2015: Waukegan Faith Leaders Head Dia de los Muertos March and Vigil for People Impacted by NRG Energy’s Coal Plant

November 14, 2015, Lake County News-Sun: Waukegan Faith Leaders Head Dia de los Muertos March and Vigil for People Impacted by NRG Energy’s Coal Plant

November 3, 2015, Puro Futbol: Hacen Vigilia por Aire limpio (They Vigil for Clean Air)

November 1, 2015, Univision Chicago: Protestas por Contaminación en Waukegan

October 30, 2015, Lake County News-Sun: Waukegan Faith Leaders to Hold Dia de los Muertos March and Vigil for People Impacted by NRG Energy’s Coal Plant 

September 6, 2015, Lake County News-Sun: Environmentalists, Waukegan Coal Plant Clash Over 9-year-old Permit Issue

August 29, 2015, Lake County News-Sun: Clean Power Lake County Campaign Hosts Second Annual Beach Cleanup in Waukegan 

August 10, 2015, Lake County News-Sun: Obama’s Clean Power Plan Finds Support Along Lake County Lakefront

July 28, 2015, Lake County News-Sun: Residents From Waukegan and Lake County Urge City of Waukegan to Include Long-Term Plan for NRG Coal Plant in Its Lakefront Plan

April 23, 2015, Daily Herald: Waukegan and Lake County Community Members Join Hundreds in Springfield for Clean Energy and Climate Action on Earth Day

April 22, 2015, Lake County News-Sun: Waukegan and Lake County Community Members Join Hundreds in Springfield for Clean Energy and Climate Action on Earth Day

April 16, 2015, Daily Herald: Clean Jobs Bill Has Potential to Create 32,000 New Jobs in Illinois

April 13, 2015, Lake County News-Sun: Clean Jobs Bill Has Potential to Create 32,000 New Jobs in Illinois

April 7, 2015, Daily Herald: Clean Jobs Forum 2015 focuses on economic opportunity for Lake County

March 31, 2015, Lake County News-Sun: Clean Jobs Forum 2015 Focuses on Economic Opportunity for Lake County

February 20, 2015, Progress Illinois: Groups Allowed to Expand Coal Ash Lawsuit Against NRG Energy


December 30, 2014, Lake County News-Sun: New EPA Coal-Ash Rules Draw Mixed Reactions Related to Waukegan Plant

October 23, 2014, Lake County News-Sun: Volunteers Make Waukegan Beach Cleanest ‘It’s Been in Years’

October 22, 2014, Lake County News-Sun: NRG Coal Plant Plan Seems Depressingly Familiar for Waukegan

October 17, 2014, Lake County News-Sun: NRG Moves on With Waukegan Coal-Plant Upgrade

October 10, 2014, The Planet (Sierra Club blog): Hands Across the Sands in Waukegan

September 29, 2014, Lake County News-Sun: Clean Power Demanded at Waukegan Plant

August 7, 2014, Chicago Tribune: Environmentalists Say NRG Plan Doesn’t Go Far Enough

July 10, 2014, Lake County News-Sun: Lake County Lawmakers Ask Energy Company for Waukegan Coal Plant Answers

July 1, 2014, Lake County News-Sun: Demonstrators Call for Clean Energy Change at Waukegan Coal Plant

July 1, 2014, Progress Illinois: Lake County Environmental Coalition Sends Petitions to NRG Energy Over Future Of Waukegan Coal Plant (video)

May 31, 2014, Al Jazeera America: Waukegan Generating Station Outdated (video broadcast)

May 16, 2014, Lake County News-Sun: Illinois Pollution Control Board Hearing Brings Cries Against Coal Ash

May 15, 2014, Medill News Service: Illinois Residents Call for Stronger Regulation of Coal Ash Pits

May 14, 2014, Progress Illinois: Illinois Residents, Environmental Groups Sound the Alarm on Coal Ash Dangers

April 17, 2014, Medill News Service: Calls for Action Dominate Lake County’s Clean Energy Forum

April 17, 2014, Medill News Service: Save Money, Fight Climate Change

April 16, 2014, Lake County News-Sun: Clean Energy Forum Urges Waukegan, North Chicago Residents to Act


November 15, 2013, Lake County Suburban Life: Coal Today, Coal Tomorrow? Residents Question Future of Waukegan Power Plant

April 26, 2013, Lake County News-Sun: Protesters Speak Out Against Coal Plant’s Upgrade Extension