The following videos and audio recordings feature Clean Power Lake County or our volunteer leaders:


April 12, 2019, Adelante (WGN TV): Clean Power Lake County (interview with Diana Burdette)


December 12, 2018, Sierra Club: Cap and Run: Waukegan (interview with Dulce Ortiz)

November 13, 2018, WBEZ Chicago: Illinois to Drop Electricity Carbon Emissions 22% by 2030 (interview with Celeste Flores et al.)

November 2, 2018, ABC-7 Eyewitness News: 2 Lake County Medical Manufacturing Plants’ Toxic Emissions Cause Concern (interview with Rev. Eileen Shanley-Roberts)


June 9, 2017, Latino USA (NPR): The Waukegan Way: Hardscrabble Politics and Clean Energy in Illinois (interviews with Celeste Flores, Julio Guzman and David Villalobos)


October 15, 2015, Clean Power Lake County/Sierra Club: It’s Time to Transition from Coal to a #CleanWaukegan